A Parent's Perspective

In addition to the leadership team at Southside Rides, caring parents play a large role in keeping their sons and daughters motivated and enrolled in the facility’s programs.  Many students at the shop are teenagers as young as 15, and as they bridge the gap to adulthood they need strong emotional support from their loved ones and role models. Many of these students get involved with Southside Rides because their parent or guardian hears about the opportunity from other families who have seen long-lasting results.

Dave Greene, a longtime resident of Winston-Salem whose son Taurean is now enrolled in classes at Southside Rides, could not be happier about the transformation that the program has created in his son.  “When Taurean was laid off from his job last year, I told him he had to keep working, that he couldn’t accept defeat.  While in the beginning he took on the classes as sort of a hindrance, now he really seems to enjoy it and is working towards a stable career in the autobody field.”

A teacher himself, Greene recognizes the value of an education and has worked hard to make sure Taurean stays in school.  “Now, things aren’t happening to him, but for him,” says Greene.  “His attitude is changing and he’s much more upbeat.”   Greene says he wanted his son to become involved with Southside Rides not because he was worried about him getting in trouble on the streets, but because he was concerned for Taurean’s future in this economy.  “In recent years, you can’t wait for a job to come to you,” says Greene.  “You have to create your own job.  Now, Taurean sees that he is talented and capable of succeeding even when there are obstacles in front of him.”