Terrello Wilson

An ex-con who is now mentoring the disenfranchised youth of Winston-Salem, Terrello Lamont Wilson is a walking example of the lasting impact of Dave Moore’s vision.

Moore, a former convict himself, began Southside Rides as a mentoring program for troubled youth. He strives to help them acquire general education and career skills in order to be successful outside of a life of crime. Terrello represents the program coming full circle.

Raised in a single-mother household, Terrello grew up lacking a strong male role model and turned to crime early in life. After getting arrested for selling drugs, Terrello served a three-year jail sentence where he was first introduced to the Southside Rides program.

Initially, he saw Moore’s auto-mechanics class as an escape from the monotony of incarcerated life, but once he discovered the economic potential of the craft, he decided to continue with the program, taking two additional classes over the course of his sentence.

Upon release from prison, Terrello was given a second chance at life when Moore offered him a position at Southside Rides.

“When I came to Southside Rides, Dave Told me, ‘If you turn around and do the work, I’ll help you.’”

Moore made good on his promise. “I’ve been out of jail just over a year, and not I have the keys to the shop,” said Terrello. “Nobody else would give you the chance to be a manager, or even give you a job when you get out of prison.”

Today Terrello works as the shop manager, interacting with program students, performing administrative tasks and acting as Moore’s right hand man.

“Before Southside Rides, when I was doing things you ain’t supposed to do, I was always worried about what would happen when the police came. Now I worry when the police come that there’s been some sort of accident.”

In the future, Terrello would like to help spread the Soutside Rides program throughout North Carolina. He recognizes the impact Moore’s vision is having in Winston-Salem, and feels it can benefit the state community as well.

“If somebody has a destructive mentality, and you teach them something where they can tear stuff up and make money off of it, most people are willing to learn, and then they make a life change.”